Mobile Column Lifts & Truck Hoists for Your Workshop

Mobile column lifts and truck hoists are a valued and essential piece of equipment in all workshops. Inca Lifts is the trusted name in mobile column lifts and truck hoists for heavy vehicles, trucks, busses, light vehicles and more. Our mobile column lift and heavy vehicle lift solutions are available in cabled, and/or wireless models, with varied capacities and budgets to suit your workshop and businesses needs.

Mobile Column Lift Supplier

We supply heavy vehicle mobile column lifts in Australia and New Zealand. Our solutions operate utilising cabled mechanical or wireless hydraulic solutions to provide safe and efficient lifting.We offer a safe and reliable vehicle lifting asset.
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Fixed Price National Servicing

Maintaining your mobile column lifts and hoists is vital to ensure smooth and safe operation, all whilst ensuring your system is up to scratch and compliant with WorkSafe and AS/NZ 1418.9 requirements. Our vehicle lifts come with fixed price national servicing.
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Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best solution to fit your needs both now and in the future. Our solutions allow for flexibility of use and can be purchased in a range of combinations to incorporate workshop growth and demand.
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Our Column Hoists & Accessories

Our specialisation in heavy vehicle hoists, mobile column lifts, asset mobile lifting columns, truck hoists and accessories ensures our focus is on providing reliable, high-quality mobile column lift and heavy vehicle hoist solutions at a great value price point.

Our Vehicle Hoists & Mobile Column Lifts Provide:


The Inca Lift KP-75W vehicle hoist combines hydraulics and wireless communication to provide smooth and seamless operation all whilst maximising safety with our smart self levelling interface and back up safety features and functions.


The Inca Lift KP-55W vehicle hoist is a small but powerful solution providing 11T (2 posts), 22T (4 posts) or 33T (6 posts) lifting power, all whilst incorporating reliability and the safety features our clients know and love.


The Inca Lift QJZ-5.0 is a mechanical cabled solution that combines simplistic design, for ease of operation and training combined with rugged components to ensure reliable and safe operation.


Inca Lifts's range of accessories complements our mobile lifting columns/hoists to improve workshop safety, efficiency and flexibility of use.
Why choose us

Why Choose Inca Lifts

Our team are dedicated to providing the highest level of service,
support for your heavy vehicle hoists and product quality all backed by unbeatable after sales support. Our mobile column lift and accessories pricing and packages includes:

Industries we work in

Inca Lifts is trusted to provide reliable and safe vehicle lifting solutions in a wide variety of industries and workshop sizes across Australia and New Zealand.

You Can Use Our Mobile Column Lift, Truck Hoists, Heavy Vehicle lifts and Accessories For:


Truck Repairs and Servicing


Bus Repairs and Servicing


Light Vehicles repairs and servicing


Bus and Truck Builders
You can use our hoists

About Us

Inca Lifts is Australia and New Zealand‘s preferred supplier of mobile columns lifts, truck hoists and accessory solutions for heavy vehicle and asset workshops nationwide since 2009. All Inca Lifts solutions are WorkSafe certified and comply with AS/NZ 1418.9. Our products are found in over 400 workshops (and counting) in Australia and New Zealand.

We are an Australian owned and operated business supplying, servicing and supporting clients across Australia and New Zealand with reliable, cost effective and market leading products and services.

Inca Lifts offers a range of heavy vehicle and asset mobile lifting columns, hoists and accessories that ensure value for money and improved workshop efficiency and safety.

All Inca Lifts staff are customer support, service and sales trained, ensuring you will always speak with a trained professional to ensure market leading customer satisfaction and minimise downtime.

No matter the size, location or usage requirements Inca Lifts has a vehicle lifting solution for your needs.

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