5500kg Wireless Column


     5500kg Wireless DC Mobile Columns

  • Adjustable lifting forks accommodate the widest range of wheels without wheel reducer sleeves.
  • Pallet jack allows easy movement of the columns.
  • Independent mechanical locking system and emergency switch on every column provide highest safety assurance.

Product Specifications

5500kg Wireless Column Lift

  • KG Per Column 5500kg
  • 4 Columns 22000kg
  • 6 Columns 33000kg
  • Connectivity Wireless
  • Operation Voltage 24V
  • Charging Power 230V/1PH
  • Clearance from fork to column 236mm
  • Lifting / lowering time 75 / 60 sec
  • Noise level Max 70db(A)
  • Max. floor surface pressure 3200kg
  • Max. distance between columns 12m
  • Height overall 2250mm
  • Width overall 1120mm
  • Lifting height 1705mm
  • Lifting capacity 5500kg
  • Net weight 546kg