5000kg Mechanical Column

QJZ 5.0

   5000kg Mechanical Column

  • INCA QJZ5.0 mobile vehicle lifts comply with AU and NZ regulation 1418.9.
  • These lifts are also certified by Work Safe Australia.
  • Columns are driven by high tensile screws and nuts, backed up by safety nuts.
  • In case of failure, safety nuts support weight and columns are shut down.

Product Specifications

5000kg Mechanical Column Lift

  • KG Per Column 5000kg
  • 4 Columns 20000kg
  • 6 Columns 30000kg
  • Connectivity Mechanical
  • Operation Voltage 24V
  • Motor Power 3kw
  • Lifting Speed 0.6m / min
  • Height overall 2600mm
  • Width overall 1100mm
  • Lifting height 1500mm
  • Lifting capacity 5000kg
  • Net weight 580kg