Wireless Hydraulic


These lifts will give you a boost!


Powerful lifts, designed with safety and functionality in mind.

Have a look below to investigate all of our Wireless Hydraulic Lifts’ features.



7500kg Wireless DC Mobile Columns

Wireless version with backup communication cable when required.
User-friendly operation through selector buttons on master controller for individual, paired and synchronized operation.
SIEMENS PLC computer and rotating encoder provide continuous synchronization of all columns.

5500kg Wireless DC Mobile Columns

Adjustable lifting forks accommodate the widest range of wheels without wheel reducer sleeves.
Pallet jack allows easy movement of the columns.
Independent mechanical locking system and emergency switch on every column provide highest safety assurance.

7500kg Axel Stand

Durable Heavy-Duty Tripod Stands with Inner Spring.
Great Maneuverability with Three Spring-Loaded Wheels
Adjustment Pin for Different Height Positions
Spiralling Auxiliary Height 65mm
1 Set of 4 Units