If you are in an industry where lifting oversize assets is part of your day-to-day operations, a top-notch hoist or lift could be a smart choice. In addition to being safer, lifts can save time and enhance your customer service capability.

Determining which hoists or lifts you should consider can be a challenge. Learning more about our products can help you make that choice easier.

Our Hoist Products

No matter what industry you are in, Inca Lifts can provide the right product to get the job done efficiently. Our products are hard at work in the mining industry for mechanics, bus repairs, heavy vehicle inspection, and many more job sites where safe and effective hoists and lifts are necessary. We are proud to offer our versatile line so you can choose the lift that best meets your company’s needs.

  • The Inca QJZ 5.0 Mechanical Column Lift – Lifting Capacity -5,000kg- This mechanical cabled column lift is designed to provide smooth and safe operation due in part to its straightforward design. You will need 32amp 3 Phase 440V power to operate the system. The QJZ 5.0 has an intuitive usage system. Each lift can operate independently from the others using a pallet jack handle or together as a unit at the touch of a button. This lift relies on a high-tensile screw and nut lifting system. The nut moves the carriage up or down, and the screw to raises or lowers an asset. A limit switch and safety nut ensure maximum protection for the operator, the asset, and the lift machine.
  • The KP55 Wireless Hydraulic Lift – Lifting Capacity 5,500kg – The perfect pairing of top-tier wireless communication technology and state-of-the-art hydraulics, the KP55 boasts strength, efficiency, and unified operation. The lift has the latest safety features, including a limit switch and an innovative self-levelling interface that maintains the lift’s stability. The KP55 features flexibility as the columns can operate as individual, pairs, or all together, depending on the job. A 24v system pumps hydraulic fluid into the cylinder to raise the carriage. The same system allows the fluid to release from the hydraulic ram to lower the carriage.
  • KP75 Wireless Hydraulic Lift- Lifting Capacity 7,500kg – A more powerful version of the KP55 lift, the KP75 operates using a hydraulic ram and ratchet locking system. It provides efficiency, strength, and hi-tech capabilities. A 24v system operates as the KP55 system. The KP75 also features similar safety features.


Available Hoist Accessories

Adding our accessories is the only way to make our mobile column lifts better. We have several types that can increase the usefulness of the lift and make your work faster and easier. Inca Lifts accessories include:

  • Small Wheel Adaptor – Inca QJZ compatible
  • Fork Lifting Kit – Maximum lifting capacity 9,000kg and Inca KP55, Kp75 and QJZ compatible
  • Canvas Covers – Inca KP55, KP75 and QJZ compatible. Choose from full-length, half-length or motor covers that can be customised in colour and style.
  • Light Vehicle Lifting Kit – Compatible with Inca KP55 and KP75

Features front and rear lifting points with a maximum lifting capacity of 9,000kg

  • 1,500kg Power Train Lift – Adjust the height from 790mm to 1800mm. The hydraulic system is battery-powered, and the unit has a maximum lifting capacity per post of 1,500kg.
  • 7500kg Axle Stand – Adjustable height from 1200mm to 1755mm, and the ease of movement are ensured with spring-loaded wheels and a maximum lifting capacity per post of 7,500kg.
  • 15,000kg Trailer Bridge Lifting Kit – Is compatible with Inca KP55 and KP75

The kit has an A-Frame and kingpin slot with a maximum lifting capacity per post of 15,000kg.

Why Inca Lifts?

At Inca Lifts, we provide outstanding products as well as dependable customer-focused service. Our variety of heavy-duty lifts will make every job easier, safer, and more time-saving than ever before.

We are highly safety-conscious and give extensive training to your employees as well as nationwide servicing to ensure our products are working safely and efficiently. The quality of Inca Lifts products is second-to-none.

You can find our lifts and hoists used in several industries in over 400 work sites across Australia and New Zealand. We come to you and make sure your hoists and lifts are correctly installed and that your employees and assets are safe.

Selecting Your Hoist

As you can see, there are several vehicle lifts or hoists available. Choosing the best one for your shop can be confusing, but you are not on your own in your search for the right product. At Inca Lifts, all our team members are highly trained and understand in which situations our products would help you the most.

You can feel free to contact us to discuss your options so you can be confident in your equipment choice. Remember, you and your staff will receive training from one of our equipment experts, and you can contact us with questions at any time.