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These lifts will give you a boost!

Powerful lifts, designed with safety and functionality in mind.

Have a look below to investigate all of our Electrical Mechanical Lifts’ features.

5000kg Electric Mechanical Mobile Columns

  • INCA QJZ5.0 mobile vehicle lifts comply with AU and NZ regulation 1418.9.
  • These lifts are also certified by Work Safe Australia.
  • Columns are driven by high tensile screws and nuts, backed up by safety nuts.
  • In case of failure, safety nuts support weight and columns are shut down.

Adjustable Height Axle Stand

  • Each INCA column is fitted with high quality CE-marked electronics.
  • Each post has limit switches and operating safety lights.
  • Each INCA column is sold with a secondary fixed axle stand.
  • These secondary axle stands support the weight of any lifted vehicle.

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Mobile Column Measurements

Simple and convenient equipment maintenance.

Each column is equipped with an emergency stop button.

Simple to operate and simple to understand controls.

Carriages ride on roller bearings for smooth steady lifting.

Pallet jack style dual steering wheels.