At Inca Lifts, we are continually evaluating our products to improve safety, user functionality and reliability. Inca has implemented several changes to our KP55 and KP75 wireless mobile column lifts to improve the user experience and ensure ongoing reliability. Here are the top benefits of our recent upgrades.

1. 7″ Siemens Smart Line Touchscreen Display

The introduction of the 7″ Siemens Smart Line Touchscreen allows for an improved user experience incorporating a larger screen, improved display and upgrades to the system’s programming and functionality.

In addition to the better lighting and sharp, professional looks, the Siemens Smart Line has impressive and significantly upgraded functionality. Standard features include incorporated safety tips, user manuals, an operator’s guide, a set maintenance schedule, and fault-finding documents.

2. New Siemens Smart PLC (Master and Slaves)

By enhancing processing speed while reducing latency between the operating posts, the Siemens Smart PLC will provide your shop with greatly increased stability in the processing operations. Your workshop will also benefit from the improved tyne alignment during operation.

3. Improved Motors

With improvements in motor technology Inca has implemented new Mahle 3.0kW motors in the KP75 and a new 2.2kW Junchi motor in the KP55, both have proven to increase reliability and improve the user experience.


4. CSB GPL-12100-12VDC Batteries

You likely know that using a poor-grade battery can significantly diminish the capacity and performance of your equipment. This is why we use the CSB GPL-12100-12VDC Batteries. These improved batteries will save you time because they are maintenance-free. Additionally, you will save money because the batteries deliver up to 10 years of expected battery life under a normal float charge. As always, CSB batteries are rechargeable, highly efficient, and leakproof.

5. Increased Safety

When you look at the vast improvements in the equipment, it is easy to see that combining the enhancements will offer a significantly upgraded product. Additionally, our customers will get an overall safer piece of equipment. You will also see that the functions of the equipment are smoother, and there are fewer issues to encounter. While there is a slight price increase, the added benefits far outpace the cost.

If you need guidance regarding our product line or determining the best options for your shop, feel free to reach out to us at Inca Lifts. Our experienced staff can make recommendations to ensure that you have the equipment to give you the best product for your money.