Lifting heavy vehicles and asset is not child’s play, it requires specialized lifting equipment to ensure operator and asset safety. Heavy vehicle/asset hoists, mobile hoists and/or mobile lifting columns are all used to perform these tasks safely.

This article will highlight some of the benefits of hydraulic heavy lifting equipment.

What Are Hoists or Mobile Lifting Columns?

A hoist or a mobile lifting column is a device used to lift a vehicle or asset from the ground. They perform this task via a range of methods depending upon the style of hoist or mobile lifting column.

What Are Hoists or Mobile Lifting Columns Used for?

Hoists or mobile lifting columns are specialized equipment utilized to lift vehicles and assets to allow for ease of inspections, repairs, and servicing. Hoists or mobile lifting columns primarily utilize hydraulics, chain drive, screw/worm drive or pneumatic technologies to perform the task.

In our case, Inca hoists and mobile lifting columns are utilized hydraulic OR screw/worm drive technology to lift heavy vehicles (trucks, buses, and trailers) and assets (Plant and Equipment) depending upon the style of hoist/mobile lifting column within a range of heavy-duty industries and workshop settings.

Styles of Heavy Vehicle Hoists and Mobile Column Lifts

Heavy vehicle hoists and mobile column lifts come in a variety of styles, sizes, lifting ratings and safety features. This allows for a wide range of solutions to meet most workshop needs and wants, all whilst improving worker safety and satisfaction with ensuring vehicles and assets can be raised and lowered to multiple heights to allow flexibility and ease of inspections, repairs and servicing.

There are 3 main hoist and mobile column lift utilized in workshops nationwide, these are;

  • Mobile column lift/hoist
  • Four post fixed ramp hoist
  • Scissor/Knuckle lift

Below is a brief preview of these hoists.

1. Mobile Column Lift/Hoist

Mobile Column Lift/Hoists are individual posts that can be maneuvered by an individual around a workshop, work pad, or between working bays and utilized as a “set” to lift heavy vehicles like a fleet from Australia Wide Haulage or asset to allow work to be completed safely and efficiently. Mobile column lifts/hoists typically are supplied as a set of 4, 6 or 8 posts, but can be as high as 32 posts in one set.

Each column is maneuvered to an approved lifting point, generally a wheel, and adjusted to the column is positioned correctly and the tynes are adjusted to ensure safe lifting. The set will communicate wirelessly or via cables connecting the posts to ensure they run uniformly to evenly lift the asset into the air.

Heavy vehicle axle stands can be utilized in conjunction with mobile column lifts/hoists to safely leave an asset in the air for extended repairs and allow the columns to be used on other assets around the workshop.

2. Four Post Fixed Ramp Hoist

Four post fixed ramp hoists systems are utilized in a dedicated work bay/area and allows the heavy vehicle to be driven onto the system and raised or lowered as required for the applicable works.

3. Scissor or Knuckle Lifts

Scissor or knuckle lifts are similar to a four-post fixed ramp system as they are secured in one spot an perform the same lifting functions. They noticeable do not have posts protruding to the side of the vehicle allowing for a freer usage.

Truck Servicing And Repair

Benefits of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Hoists

Now that you’ve learned about the various kinds of vehicle hoists, it’s time to learn about their benefits.

  • Ease of Access to the Heavy Vehicle or Asset

Mobile column lifts/hoists typically have a smaller footprint than other lifting systems, this allows for easier access to all parts of the heavy vehicle or equipment whilst still providing a stable and safe work environment. The ability to utilize axle stands to secure the asset at a height, the mobile column lift can then be lowered and removed to allow increased access to the wheel and hub.

  • Versatility

With moveable tynes to cater to various tyre sizes mobile column lifts and hoists can be utilized on a wide range of heavy and light vehicles as well as other equipment such as mining drill rigs and equipment. Their ability to be moved around utilizing their pallet jack handle increased usage area and flexibility.

  • Space Utilisation

Space in many businesses is at a premium, mobile column lifts and hoists allow even the smallest workshops to maximize the use of their space with the flexibility of being able to store and utilize their mobile columns lifts in a variety of places including within and outside the workshop or dedicated working space. Storage of mobile column lifts also can be minimized with the ability to store the posts in a range of configurations to suit all workshops.

  • Safety and Effectiveness

Mobile column lifts and hoists allow staff to safely lift an asset to a safe and efficient working height to minimize excessive physical demands of even the biggest jobs. With a variety of safety mechanisms such as automatic locking, park functions and smarts to self-level the systems our solutions will instill confidence within your workforce.

  • Retains Employees and Improve Employee Happiness

Happy employees are productive and more likely to continue to be employees. Providing your workshop with market leading mobile column lifts may improve their happiness within the workplace as it will reduce the stress and physical demands of their work, helping to retain staff.

  • Efficiency and Productivity

A workshop will be able to service, inspect or repair more assets and vehicles with less downtime. Improving access to the assets components also ensures jobs are able to be more efficient and easier.


Mobile lifting columns and hoists are a great option for a wide range of workshops whether it be for servicing road trains or working on vintage trucks. Their flexibility of use within the set, ease of storage and flexibility of usage environments allows for workshops to maximize usage space, improve efficiency and employee satisfaction.