Inca Lifts

In 2009, three friends (Mark, James, and Andy) made the decision to locate a supplier of hoists for Australia and New Zealand. Little did they know that they were creating what would become one of the leading MCL suppliers renowned for its customer support and satisfaction. Not long after this, they achieved rights for exclusive distribution of the Inca QJZ.

Since that time, Inca Lifts has enjoyed growth and achieved its fair share of milestones. These include,

  • 2010 – Inca Lifts Pty Ltd was incorporated at the same time Inca QJZ was WorkSafe approved
  • 2013 – Inca Lifts introduced the KP55 and KP75 with exclusive distribution rights of the products for Australia and New Zealand
  • 2015 – Inca Lifts sold 100 sets in Australia and New Zealand
  • 2016 – Inca Lifts opened a Melbourne branch and a satellite branch in Brisbane
  • 2016- Inca Lifts Started servicing in-house and nationwide
  • 2020 – Inca Lifts opened its Sydney branch and expanded its staff
  • 2020 Inca Lifts hit the milestone of 400 sets sold
  • 2022 – Inca Lifts is increasing team and product offerings
  • 2022- Inca Lifts is now servicing our own hoists as well as those of other suppliers
  • 2022 and beyond- Inca Lifts is on track to become a market-leading supplier through its expansion in product offerings and range

Our main locations are in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. However, we serve across the country. At Inca Lifts, we are proud of our team of skilled and diverse professionals. They are adaptable experts who maintain a friendly and cooperative manner. Each member of our team believes customer safety and satisfaction are paramount. Every job is done to customer specifications, and we feel a job is incomplete until the customer is satisfied.

The professionals at Inca Lifts are guided by the company values of accountability, integrity, and respect. We have high expectations of our team members and believe our team should focus on over-delivering on our commitments and pleasing our customers.

Inca Lifts focuses on being a complete provider for our customers. We will always find the most reliable and cost-effective solutions and offer excellent customer support and assistance

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