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Leading Hoist Solution

Australia's Leading Heavy Vehicle Hoist Solution

At Inca Lifts, our goal is to provide exceptional products as well as consistent customer-focused service. We offer a variety of heavy-duty lifts to make every job easier, safer, and more efficient than ever before. As a business, we believe in transparency and accountability. We deliver on our promises (some say we over-deliver) and base our actions on integrity and respect for our clients, suppliers, and ourselves.

Nation-Wide Servicing, Repairs, Installation and Product Training

We understand how vital proper installation, servicing, repairs and product training are regardless of the machine. When the machines happen to be lifts and hoists that lift up to 7500 kilos, Inca Lifts will leave nothing to chance. We offer fast nation-wide servicing because we want to keep you and your workers safe and your lifts or hoists running at peak performance. And no matter what the problem is, our fixed price servicing prevents any unpleasant surprise bills. Preventing problems is always the best approach; this is why we install our products and make sure we train you and your staff in the correct use and safety measures.
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Our Customer

Our Customer Focused Approach

Selling you a heavy vehicle lift or hoist is just the beginning of our relationship, not the end. At Inca Lifts, our team’s focus is on providing customer care that meets your needs and expectations. As our customer, you will work directly with local technicians who have extensive technical understanding of our equipment. You can count on us to give you accurate information promptly.

Workshop Safety is Front of Mind

Multiple safety features are included in all of our systems
Continuing training and client interaction to ensure all procedures used are safe
We also carry a line of accessories and other products created to help you maintain safety.
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Inca Lifts?

Inca Lifts is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to our clients because we are an Australian-owned and operated business. We are a company based on delivering top-notch equipment and proudly offer reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers. We are a complete provider of lifts and can help businesses of all sizes. We believe in focusing on customer support, so you are never without assistance.


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    Our team is contactable via phone on 1300 411 906, via email at info@incalifts.com, or via an on-site visit where we will come to you. Our warehouse locations are:


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