7500kg Wireless DC Mobile Columns

  • Wireless version with backup communication cable when required.
  • User-friendly operation through selector buttons on master controller for individual, paired and synchronized operation.
  • SIEMENS PLC computer and rotating encoder provide continuous synchronization of all columns.

Product Information

Inca Lift Equipment is celebrating its 10th birthday this year at the Brisbane Truck Show. Inca began in 2009 with three friends who worked in the heavy vehicle industry. They shared a common goal- to provide cost effective and reliable mobile vehicle hoists for the Australian market.

Over the last decade, Inca Lifts has experienced significant growth. What began as a WA based company supporting the rapid expansion in the Pilbara during the mining boom, has now grown to a national company with a head office in Melbourne. Inca has valued customers in both regional Australia and capital cities and is proud to provide their products and services nationwide. It is one of their core values to provide customers with the same high-quality products and services, no matter where they are located. Inca Lift Equipment endeavours to continue supporting the Australian heavy vehicle industry for years to come.