When you are buying a new hoist, you have plenty of things to consider. Price, versatility, and the reputation of the manufacturer are a few that come to mind. But, before you seal the deal on your new hoist, you must check five critical specs to ensure you are getting the right equipment for your shop.

1. Lifting Capacity

Lift capacity is the maximum weight that can be lifted by each column or the hoist as a set. All mobile lifting columns and hoists are rated to a maximum capacity and tested beyond this to ensure safe lifting within these parameters. The capacity of the columns or hoist as a set can be impacted by the method of operation, material utilised and overall application. It is always better to choose a hoist with a lifting capacity higher than your heaviest load and to never overload a column or hoist as a set.

2. Overall Hoist Height

While it may sound obvious, make sure to factor in the combined height of your vehicle and lift once raised. Being able to adjust the maximum height of travel is a great way to ensure your columns/hoists and the vehicle they are lifting are not damaged or put the operator at risk of damage.

3. Floor Requirements

The floor your hoist is on makes a world of difference when it comes to stability and overall safety for you and your employees.

Before purchasing your mobile lifting columns or hoist, it is recommended to consult your preferred supplier to ensure your work surface meets the needs of the product, some important factors are:

  • Material the floor is made of – Reinforced concrete is the preferred material.
  • The thickness and strength of the material the floor is made of – The majority of systems will require a 120mm thick slab that can withstand 3000psi of pressure
  • Gradient of the working surface – This is to ensure a stable lifting surface that will not allow a column or asset to be damaged by tipping.

4. Tyre Size and Tyre Adjustment

Some mobile column lifts or hoists only cater to one wheel size. It is important to ensure the tyne width is adjustable and has attachments to allow for different size lifting or meets the one-wheel size you may have.

5. Versatility of Use

Many workshops are limited in space or handle a large range of vehicles. Mobile column lifts are a great solution to allow for multiple work locations, and a range of vehicle lengths and widths all whilst minimising workshop space and allowing for additional flexibility of storage and use.

When choosing your preferred mobile column lift and hoist supplier it is important to consider the above points and to take into consideration future requirements and expectations where possible.

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